Who We Are.

Established 2019 in Europe, SorsX is the platform that integrates all the functionalities needed by governments and operators in one ecosystem, in order to be competitive in the fast pace iGaming Industry.

Mission and Vision.

We want to help driven, adventure-seeking people. We will help them by providing a top-notch igaming platform experience with above and beyond customer support. The change we want to make is having our customers feel understood, appreciated, happy, and excited. We also want to make the industry more beautiful by being ecological and supporting local charity wherever we operate. We will know we are successful when we have a high retention rate with our customers and our customers willingly become our ambassadors.

Our Core Values.


Our teams understand the differences between land-based, online and mobile businesses and have therefore developed specific solutions for each business channel.


We value our customers and show them our commitment. We prioritize our resources and do our utmost to exceed their expectations and to provide them with the best solutions and innovations to drive their business forward.


To attain success, one should have a passion: the desire for work, passion for innovation. SorsX has this passion, and we love what we do, we are happy with our clients’ achievements and are ready to deliver this passion to them.

The Team.

Our team consists of dedicated experts and we handpick our customers to ensure success. The team have strong experience in betting, both in traditional Betshops and online, ready to use their experience and vast knowledge to help you improve your business.

SorsX consists of 65 people that are located in six offices in the following countries: